Your first appointment

Before your appointment

Two days (48 hours) before your appointment, a reminder will go out via email and text message (if you put in your mobile number).

If you are an insurance patient, make sure you fill out the online verification form for insurance coverage. It takes about two (2) business days for the billing service to get back to us and if coverage is not confirmed at the time of the first appointment, you are expected to pay the cash rate which can be refunded or held in credit for future copays once the details of coverage is known.

Where to go

The clinic is located in 259 Elm Street in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. If you put “Flying Turtle Healing Arts” into Google Maps, it will pop up.

Detailed directions for transportation and parking can be found in the “Directions” page.

What to wear

Loose, comfortable clothing is best for an acupuncture treatment. Some people bring shorts or tank tops to change into if they know we will need access to specific areas of the body. Sheets will be provided for those who need to take off clothing.

What to expect

The first appointment typically lasts about 1.5 hours. We do a detailed health history and then a full treatment, which includes acupuncture and, if appropriate, some cupping or a little bit of trigger point dry needling. Most people become very relaxed and take a nap.

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