Summer schedule updates

Happy Summer! The sun is out today so let’s be nice, not complain about the heat, and maybe the sun will stick around for what’s left of summer.

A lot of people have been asking if I’m away because there are no appointments available for 3-4 weeks. I haven’t gone on vacation… yet. The clinic has been so busy the last few months that the first available appointment *is* about 3-4 weeks out. It seems like many peeps have been vaccinated (yay!) and have also come out of 2020 seeking to up their game with self-care (double yay!). I’ve decided to put a pause on accepting new patients to ensure availability for returning patients.

Please go online and schedule your appointments even if they’re a month out and send me an email if you are looking for something earlier. I am maintaining a waitlist and will reach out when something opens up. If you urgently need an earlier appointment, I am also happy to refer you to some of my colleagues in the area.

Clinic schedule update

I am going to take some time off this coming week (Jul 24-31) and again during Labor Day week (Sep 5-12). I am also honored to have been offered a scholarship to a writers’ retreat in Maine, which I will be attending from October 2-9. 

Please plan ahead knowing that there will be reduced availability, especially in September and October. I will add some Monday and Thursday hours to offset the reduced capacity and these will show up on the online calendar in a few weeks.

Right now, the clinic is booked out to Aug 21. (I expect to start calling people on the new patient waitlist in September.) Thank you all for your support and patience! This is new territory for me too and I really want to do right by everyone and ensure that every patient gets the best possible treatment.

I hope we can all enjoy what’s left of the summer and I look forward to seeing all your tanned, well-rested selves soon!


Mask and vaccination policy

Pandemic safety protocols like mask-wearing and hand washing will stay in place since vaccinations do not prevent infection and transmission. We ask everyone to keep their masks on in common areas like the waiting room and hallways, as there are immuno-compromised patients and parents with small children in our midst. However, vaccinated folks have the option to take their masks off inside the treatment room. (I will be staying masked.)

We will also continue to follow CDC travel guidelines for those who travel or otherwise step outside of their social pods/bubbles and see family/friends whom they are not in regular contact with.

If you have not yet gotten vaccinated, PLEASE consider doing so. Herd immunity cannot be achieved until vaccination rates reach 70-80+% and the US has stalled out at around 50% with infections rising again thanks to the Delta variant. The rate of infection among unvaccinated people is as high as they were in January, the deadliest month of the pandemic. We are not out of the woods yet, so let us remain vigilant and careful.

Tips for managing your appointments

For patients who need to see me more than once a month, I encourage you to book out a few sessions since the schedule has been consistently full for 3-4 weeks. To prevent mix-ups (which has been happening more often lately) and missed appointments, here are some quick tips:

  • 48 hours (exactly TWO days) before your appointment, you will receive reminders via automated email and text messageDO NOT EMAIL/TEXT BACK to the automated reminder because I will not receive it. Instead, send me an email or text 617-294-9109 if you have to change or cancel an appointment within 24 hours, because you won’t be able to change it online.
  • Always check your email after booking. Double check the TIME and DATE. If you do not get an email confirmation of your appointment, then the booking did not go through. Please try again or otherwise contact me if the system is giving you trouble.
  • The confirmation email contains links to “Reschedule” and “Cancel” your appointments, which is the fastest way to manage them. Sooner is better so that you won’t have to worry about the cancellation fee (if within 24 hrs) and it will give me enough time to contact people on the waitlist.

Remember, the online calendar is available 24/7 and it is the most convenient way to manage your appointments! While I am happy to help, I am usually tied up seeing patients so it may take me a while to get back to you. Meanwhile, someone else might take the day/time slot that you want.

Referrals generated $100 for Stop AAPI Hate

As some of you know, when people spread the word about Flying Turtle Healing Arts, I donate $10 for each referral. The beneficiary of this round of referral bonuses is Stop AAPI Hate, an organization fighting anti-Asian racism. Thank you as always for your trust in me as a practitioner and giving me an excuse to support causes that matter to me! #StopAAPIHate #racismisavirus

The beneficiary for referrals this fall will be American Cancer Society’s Bicycles Battling Cancer. It is the 12th year our team will be riding 30-50 miles in honor of our loved ones who have fought this disease. Please support Team Bondat if you are so inclined!