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Allergies and precautions amidst a pandemic

Sneezed or coughed in public lately? (Yes. My spring allergies have started.)

How many dirty looks did you get? (I’ve stopped counting. Pro tip: if you’re Asian, you can clear a larger area with one cough. Since most of the gatherings I was planning to attend have been called off, I might try this the next time there are long lines in Starbucks.)

Kidding aside… if you are unwell, feel free to reach out to me and cancel your appointment. You will NOT be charged a cancellation fee if you are sick. I urge you to stay home and call your doctor, especially if have flu-like symptoms like a fever, cough and shortness of breath. Thank you for being considerate of our community’s health as a whole, because you never know when there are people around us who are immunocompromised.

For now, I believe it is safe to continue regular clinic hours as usual. It’s going to be very quiet since nearly all of my suite mates are suspending their hours/telecommuting in the next couple of weeks. (Details on additional sanitation precautions below.) If things change, I will contact patients directly to reschedule. As always, patients are welcome to reschedule on their own using the link in their appointment confirmation email.

Please take every precaution to stay healthy: Wash your hands frequently. Stay home if you’re sick. Get enough sleep and manage your stress levels so your immune system is not compromised. Drink enough water. Bundle up. WASH YOUR HANDS. #flattenthecurve

Let’s all keep calm and be kind to one another, because these coming weeks will test our collective humanity and values. Maybe we can focus on being grateful for what we have instead of agonizing over what we don’t know or have no control over. I will likely be holed up with Milo listening to geeky virology podcasts and admiring colorful infographics… and washing my hands.

Be well,

P.S. To those who have been asking, I had a great trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines to see my family! The irony of staying ahead one step ahead of a volcano, riots and then the coronavirus in Asia only to come back to the magnitude of idiocy and ineptitude offered by the American government is not lost on me.

“It’s allergies, not the coronavirus!”

If you’re beginning to feel the effects of spring allergies or have a garden variety cold, you should know that acupuncture and herbs can help.

With allergies in particular, early treatment can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of hay fever such as sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and sinus congestion.

Acupuncture and herbs can boost your immune system and help stop a cold in its tracks (or at least help make the whole ordeal less severe). I have been keeping a few formulas on hand to treat allergies and the common cold, so if you just want to stop by and pick up some herbs, we can arrange that.

Precautions amidst a pandemic

In light of what’s happening right now with COVID-19, the following extra precautions have also been put in place:

  • Glasses and cups have been removed from the waiting room and replaced with disposable compostable cups.
  • Door knobs and surfaces (even the iPad screen) are being wiped down with disinfecting wipes regularly.
  • There are hand sanitizers and tissues in the waiting room and every treatment room.

The clinic has always followed Clean Needle Technique guidelines, such as:

  • Linens are changed in between patients and laundered in hot water.
  • I wash my hands before and after contact with every patient, as well as use hand sanitizer before and after putting needles in.
  • Cups are washed with soap and water, then bleached for at least 30 minutes after each use.
  • Acupuncture needles are one-time use only. They are disposed of using the red biohazard boxes.

Please stay safe and be well!