Pandemic safety protocols

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Flying Turtle Healing Arts has established new policies and procedures regarding appointments.

What you need to KNOW

  • If you are feeling unwell or have any flu/cold symptoms, DO NOT come in. Reschedule your appointment online using the original confirmation email or contact me if we are scheduled to meet within 24 hours. We can explore using telehealth and herbal medicine instead.
  • If you (or someone in your family) tested positive for COVID-19 and has since recovered, you must be symptom free for at least 14 days or otherwise tested negative. Please contact me first before you come in just in case there are high-risk patients like pregnant or elderly people scheduled on the same day. (I would like to give all concerned parties the option to reschedule.)
  • If you or someone in your family has increased risk factors like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, chronic pulmonary illness, etc., please consider postponing our appointment.
  • If you have traveled or gone outside your social bubble/quarantine pod, follow CDC travel guidelines and state/local recommendations.

What you need to DO

  • Wear a face mask and expect to keep it on for the duration of the treatment. Somerville requires a mask or face covering in all indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Wash your hands or use the provided hand sanitizer before and after contact with… well, anything. I will ask/check before you come into the treatment room.
  • Fill out this COVID-19 informed consent. Either:
    • Sign and send it back to me electronically (You should be able to use the Photos function in your phone to markup the document as a picture.) or
    • Fill out printed copies at the waiting room, but know that it would mean touching clipboards and pens. I do sanitize them after each person.
  • Come right on time to minimize hanging out in the waiting room. I am no longer the only person working in our suite right now, so there’s a higher chance of running into other people.
  • Set up contactless/cashless checkout when you next come in.

New Safety Protocols

  • Everyone will wear masks and either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer, which will be provided in the waiting room and treatment rooms.
  • Surfaces will be wiped down and the floors mopped (rugs have been removed) after every patient.
  • Treatment rooms will be aired out for 30 minutes between sessions.
  • An air purifier will run constantly to clean the air, unless the noise bothers you (in which case, they will run on High in between sessions).
  • I will now be wearing “clinic only” clothes that will stay within the space and be sent out to be washed with the linens.

What I have always done/already had in place:

  • Wash my hands and use hand sanitizer before every contact.
  • Change the sheets for every patient.
  • Use gloves when needed, i.e. during dry needling