On productivity, grieving, staying sane, and having fun during quarantine

How are you doing in this strange universe of social distancing? Since the clinic went on hiatus about six weeks ago, I have been surprisingly “busy” despite not having a clinical schedule: catching up on administrative work, making meals, going for long walks with Milo, learning to make cafe mochas, and finally binge-watching Picard* and …

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Staying sane while social distancing

Move Take a walk outside (observe 6 ft distance from other people). Join online exercise classes for free. Meditate Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer are really good apps for learning or supporting a meditation practice. Shine is specifically focused on calming anxiety and stress. Help out Looking out for others takes the focus off ourselves …

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Cold and flu season prevention | Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash

6 practical tips to avoid catching a cold

Did you know that marathon runners are the human equivalent of a “perfect storm” when it comes to catching colds? A long-distance runner’s body doesn’t know that this is an endurance event – it presumes they must be running from a bear, so the body suppresses the immune system to conserve resources for this life-threatening situation. (You …

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Fish Chowdah

“Someone Just Had a Baby” Fish Chowdah

When I was growing up, whenever someone had a baby, my  grandmother would make a pot of fish stew before heading over to visit. It smelled wonderful, with all the ginger, scallions and herbs in the broth. It turns out that seafood promotes lactation and the herbal soup helps to rebuild the new mother’s body. Nowadays, I carry on the …

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