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Women’s Health


I came to Fannie because my doctor recommended I try acupuncture after five years of amenorrhea (skipping my period).  After several tests and exams, my doctor concluded that the absence of my period was due to stress—I went to a rigorous high school, played two varsity sports, participated in an abundance of extracurricular activities, and had just completed the oh-so-dreaded junior year.

I am proud to say that after only three acupuncture appointments with Fannie, I got my period after five years of not having! The results were truly astonishing.

Fannie always created a welcoming and comfortable environment during my acupuncture treatment. She took a genuine interest in my wellbeing, and sometimes became a cross between a therapist and an acupuncturist. Acupuncture forced me to allot time each week to taking care of myself and to relaxing. After each acupuncture appointment, I felt not only very refreshed and awake, but also more positive and grounded.

I would strongly recommend Fannie to any person considering acupuncture. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable regarding acupuncture practice and treatment—she is also such a kind and comforting presence. She genuinely cares about the health of each of her patients, and she is very passionate about the work she practices.” – Sky

Bleeding,depression and fatigue

When I first met Fannie, I was struggling with a number of conditions, including a sciatic nerve disruption that would flare up from time to time, and hormonal changes for my age, which had me bleeding most of the days of each month. I was also concerned with many changes at home, taking care of a special needs child and an elderly parent who was in a precarious state health-wise. I was suffering from chronic stress, anxiety-related depression, and a loss of energy that made it hard to get through each day. Fannie not only listened to all of my problems, she related that she cared and that she could help. She has.

My health has changed tremendously from her caring hands and heart. I am no longer bleeding uncontrollably. I am no longer retaining stress weight and bloat. I can workout and handle all the hustle and bustle of the day, without pain, and still have energy and focus. Without Fannie’s remarkable talent with needles, her intuition, her knowledge of nutrition and herbs, I would be stuck. Traditional medicine, visits to several doctors and specialists, left me without hope and without a plan to get better. Fannie has done what the ‘experts’ could not do and brought me back to a place of hope and health.” – Danielle

Danielle uses a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to maintain energy and focus, regulate her mentrual cycle, and manage stress-related anxiety/depression.

Acne and Fertility

I came to Fannie as a person who had dealt with severe acne and general hormone imbalance for most of my adult life. I had tried everything and really wanted to get off of antibiotics and be more natural. I also had a (not so) hidden agenda of wanting to get pregnant within the next year. Fannie was compassionate, thoughtful, and thorough in her acupuncture practice and helped me to manage the symptoms that I had dealt with for so many years and…get pregnant! I highly, highly recommend Fannie to anyone and everyone!” – Samantha

Samantha and her husband are “over the moon excited” – she continues to go to acupuncture to maintain her healthy pregnancy and manage morning sickness.

Ovarian cyst,mid-cycle bleeding and back pain

I meant to try acupuncture to help with chronic back pain from scoliosis; however, it was another condition that brought me into the clinic. I met Fannie and immediately felt at ease with her warm, caring, and calm presence.  I described my condition of heavy menstruation with debilitating cramps for several months, as well as a 4cm ovarian cyst. I began taking herbs and did acupuncture weekly. After an ultrasound 4 months later, my cyst had shrunk in half, and no follow-up was needed. The only treatment I had been doing was the acupuncture and herbs. Fannie did a dance of joy when I told her my cyst had shrunk! Quite a difference from my regular doctors, who just had a nurse relay a message to me with the results. I have been a patient of Fannie’s for over a year now, and my menstruation is regulated, and I’ve noticed other issues clearing up as well! I cannot recommend Fannie highly enough! Her commitment, quality of treatment, knowledge, and compassion far exceed any other medical professional I have ever met! I have referred numerous people to Fannie, and all were beyond pleased with their treatment and results for all kinds of conditions.” – Tina

Tina continues to get acupuncture for stress, keep her back pain under control, and takes herbs occasionally.

Hot flashes and back pain

Teri testimonial

“Fannie is a mature practitioner with the grace of a life finally devoted to what she cares about – genuinely improving the quality of life for the people who are fortunate enough to be her clients. She is compassionate listener with a wealth of knowledge to draw from and I have never left a session with Fannie without feeling immeasurably better than when I arrived, no matter what or how intense my issues were. She brings a living experience of the ways in which acupuncture can restore you to a sense of bodily well-being that you have either forgotten or never known was possible.

Try it! You won’t be sorry.” – Teri

Teri’s hot flashes decreased in frequency and intensity by taking Chinese herbs. Her lifelong back pain due to spondylolisthesis disappeared suddenly for one glorious day after her acupuncture treatment. She does not remember having a pain-free day since she was a teenager, and she looks forward to having more of those glorious days with continued treatment.


Jessica came to see me at New England Community Acupuncture suffering from debilitating weekly migraines. They were so painful that she would have to pull over while driving to throw up and sometimes even lose consciousness from the pain. She had also tried several powerful medications to no avail and before finally turning to acupuncture.

In the three months since starting treatment, she has had only one migraine.

Jessica submitted this testimonial as a comment to my blog post, “If you love your work…”:

Fannie, You are great at what you and you def should enjoy it. I feel very blessed to have met you. I’ve gotten a huge part of my life back without the migraines so a Big Thank you from my family and I. My son has his mommy back.

Anxiety, insomnia, & IBS

“I started acupuncture treatments with Fannie after experiencing severe paralyzing anxiety attacks. I knew I was facing the possibility of taking medication long term to relieve the symptoms. I decided to explore the possibility that acupuncture could help and it most certainly did.

Fannie is easy to communicate with, she is very thoughtful and compassionate. Fannie spent a long time asking questions at our initial session. She is an excellent listener.

After having anxiety attacks for 10 days in a row; with my first acupuncture treatment, the attacks ceased. I continued treatment and Fannie’s treatments restored my sleep after two or three years of insomnia.

Fannie cleared my eczema and my IBS symptoms improved, subsequently my digestion improved.Fannie really helped me get back on my feet again. I dread to think of what life would have been like if I hadn’t been put under her care. She is very professional, capable, caring, kind and compassionate. I highly recommend Fannie.” – Diane

Diane successfully avoided medication for her anxiety and insomnia, and she is optimistic that she will continue to avoid going on hypertension medicine as she keeps up with her acupuncture treatments.


My primary condition when I went to see Fannie was peri-menopausal symptoms. I was suffering from heavy flow, headaches the day before my cycle and very light sleeping patterns. Additionally, I was spending 3-4 hours a day in the car and my neck and shoulders were very sore and tight. I had had this condition for about 1-2 years before I started to see Fannie. I had tried various forms of PT to help relieve my neck pain, and had not tried many things in order to relive my peri-menopausal symptoms.

I have not used herbs, but I have noticed that both my neck pain and my peri-menopausal [symptoms] have decreased with regular acupuncture once or twice a month. I also noticed that I was able to sleep though the night soundly when treated with acupuncture regularly.

Fannie is also a very warm and kind person to work with and I always enjoy seeing her at our sessions and responding to her healing touch.

I have noticed that I feel very calm and centered after receiving acupuncture and that this feeling last for several days. My stress levels are reduced and I am able to sleep more soundly. I would definitely recommend Fannie to anyone wanting to explore the benefits of acupuncture. She is a wonderful healer.

– Kathleen

Trigger Point Dry Needling Therapy

Fannie has asked me to provide a testimonial for her website and I am very happy to do so.

If you’re reading this, that means you’re interested in knowing about dry needling,about Fannie, or both.

I came to dry needling in the hope that it would provide a solution for tight muscles which never seemed able to release and muscle pain which never seemed to go away. Over the years I have tried everything: traditional Eastern medicine, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, yoga, foam rollers, massage balls… the list goes on. And in spite of all of these therapies, my overall condition didn’t change and I continued to reinjure myself when tight muscles would go into spasm. I am happy to report that dry needling has turned out to be the solution I was looking for. It is really quite a remarkable sensation to feel the muscles release. And it is great to have painful muscles finally stop hurting.

When I was looking for a dry needling practioner, I specifically wanted an acupuncturist. Even though some physical therapists do dry needling, I felt that it was important for reasons of both safety and efficacy to have someone who works with needles all day long. So, Fannie was a natural choice in that regard. Working with Fannie has been great. She is able to combine her knowledge of Eastern medicine and dry needling to deliver the most effective treatments. Dry needling can be a fairly intense experience, when all of that tightness that your body has carried for so long is suddenly released. Fannie is careful, observant, and calming; she ensures that these treatments are as gentle as possible.

I feel quite fortunate to have discovered both dry needling and Fannie. This has been a great experience. – JMA

Arthritis / Chronic Pain

I found Fannie Koa to be friendly, personal, professional, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, devoted, and thorough. I found that other acupuncturists, placed the needles, left the room, returned to remove the needles, and that was it. Fannie explained the process in simple terms to give me an overview of what to expect. She showed sincere empathy for my condition and never hurried through the process. She made me feel as though I was the most important patient of the day.

I had undergone just about every medical test known to modern medicine to find out why I was having a pain in my side, and to find out how to abate the discomfort. It was Fannie who made this happen. In addition to placing the needles, she took the time to gently massage the area of my discomfort. She demonstrated to my wife how to massage the area. After a few months of this extra care, the pain and discomfort subsided. I very much appreciate her knowledge, compassion, and skill. Words could never express my appreciation to Fannie.

 Thank you Fannie! –  John Gilhooly

Physical fitness (Spinning & Weight Training) has always been an important part of my life. In the last few months, I was losing my ability to continue to do these activities due to a crippling pain in my hips, upper and lower back, shoulders and right knee. Hip spasms had become a constant affliction, and limited my daily activities at work. I was scheduled to undergo a series of epidurals along my back in an attempt to alleviate some of the crippling pain. Having been diagnosed with a form of arthritis (Ankylosing Spondylitis), my doctors prescribed several NSAID medications. These failed to provide any level of improvement.

My daughter and wife recommended that I try acupuncture given the well-publicized benefits that can be attained in the treatment of arthritis. During my first visit with Fannie, I found her to be a sympathetic listener with a strong desire to help me. Her words still resonate with me, “You will thank your daughter and wife for seeking help with acupuncture; I know I can help you” .

Fannie has been a compassionate and patient listener, and has skillfully administered dry needle trigger point therapy to eliminate most of my musculoskeletal pain. She has taught me specific stretching exercises to proactively exercise the muscles to prevent knotting and alleviate my muscle spasms.

After three months in the skillful hands of Fannie Koa, I am back doing what I love to do without being restricted by pain. The process began with three visits per week and I am now going twice a week. Dry needle trigger point therapy works!

I am more energized, more relaxed, handling daily stressful situation with ease.

I am very optimistic about the future and am grateful that I have Fannie Koa to help me continue finding effective solutions for my chronic pain.

Thank you, Fannie! – Mo