Chinese Herbal Medicine
Trigger Point Therapy

Short consultation (15 minutes) – FREE!

If you’re not sure acupuncture is the right thing for you, come in for a free consultation so you can have your questions answered.

Initial consultation and treatment (75-90 minutes) – $120

If you already know you want to come in and get an acupuncture or trigger point therapy (“dry needling”) treatment, this is the session for you. It includes an in-depth look into your health history and whatever treatment modalities are appropriate for you. The treatment may mix acupuncture, cupping, dry needling, or reiki depending what you need.

Plan on filling out the Health History form ahead of time and spending 75-90 minutes at the clinic.

針灸 Acupuncture

needles on mat

The art of inserting fine needles into specific points along channels of energy throughout the body has proven to be phenomenally helpful for so many pain, digestive, and sleep issues… and the most common side effect of acupuncture happens to be relaxation. It is truly one of the very best ways towards better health and lower stress levels.

Follow-up acupuncture treatment – $85

Succeeding sessions take approximately an hour, which includes a brief update on the patient’s progress and a full treatment.

Acupuncture with 10-15 minutes trigger point therapy – $105

Some patients prefer the calming and holistic benefits of an acupuncture treatment plus a dash of “dry needling” to actively release trigger points or knots in tight muscles.  

Acupuncture with electrotherapy – $95

Similar to a follow-up acupuncture treatment but with the addition of electrotherapy, this session is ideal for patients who need stronger stimulation but do not want “dry needling”.

“Tune-up” acupuncture session – $60

These short, 35-minute sessions are designed for people who are looking for a quick treatment to relieve stress, try acupuncture, or those who find it frequent and/or shorter treatments more beneficial. These sessions are also ideal for the treatment of smoking cessation or alcohol abuse, which ideally requires daily treatments for 10 straight days for maximum effectivity.

中藥 Chinese Herbal Medicine

herbs in bowls with chopsticksChinese families have ingested the leaves, roots, flowers and vines in the herbal materia medica as part of their diet for centuries. At its core, Chinese herbal medicine is food. It is very safe when properly dispensed and, like acupuncture, can have powerful and dramatic effects on a person’s health.

Unlike Western drugs that individually target certain symptoms or problems, a prescription using Chinese herbal medicine takes the entire person into account and has the unique ability to have an entire formula customized for a patient’s specific needs. Custom prescriptions typically contain a variety of herbs that work together to address one or more issues as well as minimize potential side effects. The formula evolves with the patient’s condition and works best when combined with acupuncture, although both treatment modalities are quite effective on their own.

Sessions & Pricing*

Initial consultation (50 minutes) – $85

The first herbal consult may be combined with an initial acupuncture consultation and treatment session. It involves an in-depth health history and should includes taking into account what other medications and supplements the patient is currently on.

Follow-up consultation (25 minutes) – $45

*Consultations do not include the cost of the herbs, which can vary between $15-30 depending on the nature and dosage of the prescription.

Additional Services

Trigger Point Therapy (30/50 minutes) – $95/$120

More commonly known as trigger point “dry needling” for myofascial pain or sports/orthopedic acupuncture, this technique specifically targets the deactivation of trigger points in the muscles. It is extremely effective in reducing pain and significantly improving range of motion, especially for chronic issues like frozen shoulder and compartment syndrome. Athletes benefit greatly from this type of treatment because it aids recovery from injuries or simply for unlocking tight, overworked muscles.

Cupping (15-20 minutes) – $35

Cupping therapy can be performed by itself or as an add-on to a treatment. Sliding or stationery cups are excellent for dispersing muscle tension, especially in the back, neck and shoulder areas.

Reiki (15/30 minutes) – $35/$50

Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be added onto an acupuncture treatment. It involves holding my hands over areas of the body called chakras or energy centers to clear away blockages, and it often results in relaxation, mental/emotional release, and an increased feeling of balance and well-being… much like acupuncture, but without needles. It is especially helpful for centering the spirit and facilitating mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.